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3 Effective Cockroach Elimination Techniques

Roach infestations are some of the most common and difficult insect problems to remove, and this season in Rockland, we want to make sure you are prepared.

Maybe you've dealt with German roaches, which proliferate at an incredible pace.

Or maybe you've had American roaches before, with their reddish-brown exoskeleton a size of 1-2 inches long.

No matter what kind of roach they are, any homeowner would want them gone, German cockroach, American, Oriental, doesn't matter. No one wants cockroaches infesting their homes and drinking your water, contaminating your food, and stinking up your house with their musty smell.

They're the worst roommates: they leave their egg cases everywhere, they consume the most disgusting food sources, they leave their pepper-like feces dotted all over their favorite hiding place. Worst of all, they don't pay rent.

So, learn what you can do with household items and products to get rid of roaches from the cracks and crevices of your home on your own and evict those nasty pests now.

Cockroach Management Techniques

1. Get Rid of Entry Points

Total elimination of all roach entry points is virtually impossible because roaches can flatten themselves, and most of them are extremely tiny in the first place. Still, everything you do to keep them out will make a difference and check off one more location where they can wriggle their way inside. Follow these tips to stop them coming as best you can:

Look for gaps and cracks around your home and fill them with silicone caulking: cracks around windows and doors and along sill plates and other places around the foundation. German roaches especially have the ability to lay up to 40 eggs at a time, all of which are stuffed in their egg casing, called an ootheca, which causes the population to explode under the right conditions, which is why it's so vital to block entry points.

Install weather stripping around your home and door sweeps on all exterior doors, and make sure your exterior doors, garage doors, shed doors shut tightly and seal well when closed.

2. Clean Them Out

Get Rid of Roach Food Sources

Cockroaches can eat just about anything and can survive incredible amounts of time, even months, without food, which is one reason they can thrive in the most inhospitable places. They can consume everything we eat, including dairy products, meat products, vegetables, and fruit. Perhaps you've seen a roach hiding in a loaf of bread or somewhere near food sources. The more disgusting things they eat include dead skin fallen on the ground, human waste, fresh and dried blood, toenails and fingernails, and plenty of other disgusting things.

Make sure they don't have anything to eat. Without food to entice them to come inside, what reason do they have to go into your house in the first place? That's why it's vital to make sure they don't have anything to eat. Store all your food in containers that seal, something stronger than plastic bags, like glass containers with a sealing lid, and place them on a high shelf to make it even harder for them to access.

Don't eat food or leave food anywhere other than in the kitchen, and always clean before and after meals and meal preparation. Never leave dirty dishes lying around or in the sink, and sweep up any food crumbs or leftovers. Empty all the garbages inside your home every day. Never leave them with any garbage at night when roaches are most active.

Roach Hiding Places

The main purpose of cleaning isn't just to prevent the molts and feces from rotting and causing allergic reactions; it's also to keep the roaches from staying in their favorite hideouts, where they can breed and lay eggs. Cleaning will keep them from molting properly and will force them to remain in motion. Always wear personal protective equipment when you look into these places.

You might be thinking, “Well, I've only seen one cockroach,” but that is a sure and certain sign of a significant infestation. Cockroaches are much too cautious about coming out in the open, especially during the day, so if you see even one, you know you've got a significant roach problem. They only appear like that when the usual hiding places in your home have been stuffed full with other cockroaches.

Look for their hiding places and scrub them often so that they don't have any hiding places. In the kitchen, you're most likely to find roaches near, under, and around appliances like the refrigerator, toaster, oven, stove, microwave, toaster oven, blender, food processor, bread maker, and all other appliances. Make sure each of these items is thoroughly cleaned inside and out because even burned or residual food particles will attract roaches there.

In a bedroom or living room, you're most likely to find signs of cockroaches under carpets and rugs, the place where the floor and walls meet, inside drawers and in drawer runners, behind and under furniture, so look in those places and use grease-fighting soap and stronger household cleaning products.

Roach Signs to look for

  • Eggshells, which look like crumbs
  • Molts, which look like light-colored, hollow cockroaches
  • Feces, which look like black pepper dots
  • Musty smell

3. Products to Control Cockroaches

Over-the-counter products are excellent ways to kill roaches on your own, and each of them does something slightly different, so feel free to use more than one. There are Insect growth regulators, boric acid, diatomaceous earth, and gel bait and bait stations available from your garden and farm supply store, hardware store, or the internet.

Insect growth regulators are products that prevent the roaches from maturing into adulthood and reaching sexual maturity, which makes this product an extremely effective insecticide against roaches and vital to anyone fighting against a large roach population.

Boric acid is a fairly safe product to use since it's included in a number of household products. Look for products with boric acid in them from your hardware store or online, but be cautious about where you place the dust because it can be harmful to pets, children, and the elderly if inhaled, so make sure the dust is in a location where they can't access it, and never dust near an air vent.

Diatomaceous earth works as a deterrent and an insecticide because it works similar to the cockroach version of glass combined with kitty litter. It attaches to their exoskeleton and sucks the water out of their bodies until they die of dehydration, which can take a long time because roaches can survive from ten days to as many as three weeks without water.

Gel bait and bait stations are an effective way to kill roaches because while the cockroaches may learn to avoid boric acid dust and diatomaceous earth, they are unlikely to realize the gel they're eating will kill them. Vast numbers of cockroaches could die, if you have enough of it, before they realize their mistake.

Get Rid of Cockroaches with Fox

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Posted on January 1, 2020.

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